About me

Micheal Colhoun B.Sc. Hons Physics. ☘️Photo of Micheal Colhoun

  • 1st Class Honours Degree in Physics
  • University Lecturer in Computer Science
  • Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founded 6 Startups
  • Keynote Speaker / Author / Coach Trainer
  • Legacy member of The Professional Speakers Academy
  • Startup Business Mentor
  • Creator of The Enigma Program
  • Founder of The Institute of Professional Breakthrough Coaches
  • Principle of the Experts Business Academy
  • Developer

I work with experts. I help them to become more influential in their space.  I help them to step up and stand out, to achieve the incredible. If you are struggling to get the recognition you deserve or feel your message is not reaching the right people, I have an amazing story I want to share with you. And guess what? You are the star…