How to lead Innovation by being disruptive in your Industry

I’m working on a talk about Disruption and Innovation. Here are my top 10 insights so far:

  • Innovation is just Disruption in Disguise.
  • The things that have made companies successful in the past may be the very things that holds them back today.
  • Innovation must be pervasive. You don’t get to say “I’m done”.
  • If you are not innovating and staying relevant, you must be therefore, by definition, stagnant and irrelevant.
  • Innovation is a combination of technology and mindset.
  • To become a though leader, you must have visibility. Your Thesis does not matter if no one knows about it.
  • Technology alone is not innovation, it requires true transformation to be innovative.
  • Every Innovate solution fits into a well defined Design Pattern – a new and scalable solution to a well defined
    problem within a niche context.
  • Paranoia, intellectual property debates and secrecy kills innovation – just because your idea could be worth a
    million dollars, it doesn’t mean that it is, unless you execute on your thesis.
  • No man is an island, standing on the shoulders of giants we see further.

Coming soon.